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Temporary Road Closures Subcommittee




Meeting Date:

Thursday, 14 September 2017


CG-14-16-00140                                                                         1

Minutes of a Meeting of the Temporary Road Closures Subcommittee

held on Thursday, 14 September 2017 at 8.45am


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Apologies  1

2.         Conflicts of Interest 1

3.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

4.         Temporary road closure - Te Onepu Road - 23 September 2017  1

5.         Additional Business Items  2

6.         Extraordinary Business Items  2



CG-14-16-00140                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE Temporary Road Closures Subcommittee HELD IN THE Green Room, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

Thursday, 14 September 2017 AT 8.45am



Present:                          Councillor Lyons (Deputy Chair)

Transportation Manager – Mr J Pannu

Environmental Consents Manager – Mr M Arnold


IN ATTENDANCE:             Transportation Officer (Mrs L Burden)

Committee Secretary (Mrs C Hilton)



1.         Apologies 

Leave of Absence had previously been granted to Councillor Watkins.



2.         Conflicts of Interest

There were no declarations of conflicts of interest.



3.         Confirmation of Minutes


Councillor Lyons/Mr Pannu

That the minutes of the Temporary Road Closures Subcommittee Meeting held Thursday 17 August 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.





Temporary road closure - Te Onepu Road - 23 September 2017


Councillor Lyons/Mr Arnold

A)        That the report of the Transportation Officer titled Temporary road closure - Te Onepu Road - 23 September 2017 dated 14/09/2017 be received.

B)        That, there being no submissions received, the Council approve the temporary road closure of Te Onepu Road between SH2 and Argyll Road. The road closure will be between 9:00am and 5:30pm. Saturday, 23 September 2017.

C)        The Council approve the above temporary road closure subject to the following conditions to be complied with to the satisfaction of the Group Manager: Asset Management:


1.      This event is conducted in accordance with the New Zealand Transport Agency Code of Practice Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM).


2.      The Traffic Management Plan including provision for appropriate signage are approved by the Traffic Management Coordinator acting under delegated authority.


3.      The Traffic Management Plan must be complied with including any specific conditions.


4.      A copy of the relevant liability insurance policy is received.


5.      That the cost of all advertising is met by the event organisers.


6.      Emergency Services are contacted regarding the holding of this events with details of the date, locations and time frames.


7.      As per the Traffic Management Plan provisions - all emergency services will be accommodated and access provided through the site as required.


8.      (i)      The applicant is responsible under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 for all health and safety risks associated with this activity and must take reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety of all persons during this temporary road closure.


         (ii)     And, the applicant has in place at all times, appropriate Health and Safety measures (to prevent harm to any persons), including (but not limited to) any measures provided for in the submitted Health and Safety Plan including any conditions attached in the plan.


With the reasons for this decision being that the objective of the decision will contribute to the good quality local infrastructure by:

i)    That the use of the above listed street/roads for these short periods of time will not unreasonably impede traffic.

ii)   Allowing the above temporary road closure the organisers can undertake their event in a safe and controlled environment with all risks minimised and managed.




5.         Additional Business Items

            There were no additional business items.



6.         Extraordinary Business Items

            There were no extraordinary business items.




The meeting closed at 8.47am