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Water Review – 1 Year



Meeting Date:

Monday, 11 June 2018

CG-14-1-00818                                                                           1

Minutes of a Meeting of the Council

held on 11 June 2018 at 9.00am


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Prayer  1

2.         Apologies  1

3.         Seal Register – The Seal Register was not tabled for this meeting. 1

4.         Conflicts of Interest 2

5.         Confirmation of Minutes – There were no minutes to confirm. 2

6.         Water Change Programme - One Year Report 2

7.         Additional Business Items  3

8.         Extraordinary Business Items  3



CG-14-1-00818                                                                           1





HELD IN THE Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

 Monday, 11 June 2018 AT 9.00am



Present:                          Mayor Hazlehurst (Chair)

Councillors Barber, Dixon, Heaps, Kerr, Lawson, Lyons, Nixon, O’Keefe, Redstone, Schollum, Travers and Watkins.


IN ATTENDANCE:             Chief Executive (Mr R McLeod)

Group Manager: Asset Management (Mr C Thew)

Group Manager: Planning and Regulatory Services (Mr J O’Shaughnessy)

Chief Financial Officer (Mr B Allan)

3 Waters Manager (Mr B Chapman)

Director: Major Capital Projects Delivery (Mr G Hansen)

Executive Advisor (Mr N Taylor)

General Counsel (Mr S Smith)

Democratic Support Manager (Mrs J Evans)

Committee Secretary (Mrs C Hunt)


AS REQUIRED:                   Mr Garth Cowie, Chair, Water Management Team


1.         Prayer

The opening prayer was given by Councillor O’Keefe.


2.         Apologies  


Councillor Kerr/Councillor O'Keefe

That apologies for absence from Councillor Poulain and Harvey and apologies for lateness from Councillors Barber and Heaps be accepted.




Leave of Absence


Mayor Hazlehurst/Councillor Kerr

That leave of absence be granted to the following:

Councillor Lawson              18,19, and 20 September; and

                                                  20, 21 and 22 November 2018


Councillor Redstone          1-9 August 2018

Councillor Schollum           8-10 August 2018




3.         Seal Register – The Seal Register was not tabled for this meeting.

4.         Conflicts of Interest

There were no declarations of conflicts of interest.


5.         Confirmation of Minutes There were no minutes to confirm.


Suspension of Standing Orders


Councillor Kerr/Mayor Hazlehurst

That in accordance with paragraph 13.3 of  Standing Orders Her Worship the Mayor exercised her discretion to waive the need for Councillors to stand to speak during a Council meeting.




Water Change Programme - One Year Report

(Document 18/524)


Councillor Barber joined the meeting at 9.08am

Councillor Heaps joined the meeting at 9.10am



Mayor Hazlehurst on behalf of the current and past Council acknowledged and thanked the Chief Executive for leading through the challenges of the past two years in regard to water and the implementation of a Water Strategy and Water Change Programme. 



Mayor Hazlehurst/Councillor Lyons

A)        That the report of the Chief Executive titled “Water Change Programme – One Year Report” dated 29/10/2015 be received.

B)        That Council:

i)     Note the comprehensive programme of change implemented in the three waters activity via the Change Management Programme; and

ii)    Note that the Change Management Team has reported to the Chief Executive that the Change Management Programme is complete; and

iii)   Note that the Capability and Capacity Review Team is satisfied that the Chief Executive has fully implemented the recommendations of the Water Services Capability and Capacity Review; and

iv)   Record its thanks to the Change Management Team and the Capability and Capacity Review Team for their work in driving improvement in the Council’s capability and capacity across the three waters, and in drinking water safety in particular; and

v)    Note that the Chief Executive has put in place a change monitoring initiative to ensure that the changes made are embedded and that the ongoing programme of improvement initiatives arising out of the change programme are undertaken at a high level of quality; and 

vi)   Further note that the Chairman of the Change Management Team will continue to play a role in overseeing the change monitoring initiative, and will report regularly to the Acting Chief Executive.

With the reasons for this decision being that the objective of the decision will contribute to meeting the current and future needs of communities for good quality local infrastructure and local public services in a way that is most cost-effective for households and business by:

·    Improving and monitoring the capability of the organisation to deliver safe, sustainable and cost-effective water services. 



7.         Additional Business Items

            There were no additional business items.


8.         Extraordinary Business Items

            There were no extraordinary business items.



The meeting closed at 10.25am