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HDC–Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee




Meeting Date:

Friday, 2 August 2019


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Minutes of a Meeting of the HDC–Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee held on 2 August 2019 at 9.00am


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Apologies  1

2.         Conflicts of Interest 1

3.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

4.         Tangata Whenua Appointment Process to the HDC: Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee  1

5.         Additional Business Items  3

6.         Extraordinary Business Items  4



CG-14-15-00012                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HDC–Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee HELD IN THE Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

 Friday, 2 August 2019 AT 9.00am



Present:                      Chair: Councillor Heaps

Councillors Lyons, Travers and Watkins

Mr Peter Paku, Mrs Evelyn Ratima and Ms Tania Kupa-Huata


IN ATTENDANCE:        3 Waters Services Manager (Mr B Chapman)

3Waters Process Engineer (Mr K Sevaratnam)

Democracy & Governance Advisor (Mrs C Hunt)


AS REQUIRED:             Mr Mark von Dadelszen, Legal Counsel

            Mr Grant Russell, Planning Consultant, Stantec

            Mr Marei Apatu

                                           Mr David James (Consultant)



1.            Apologies   


Councillor Travers/Councillor Lyons

That an apology for absence from Councillor Barber be accepted.



2.         Conflicts of Interest

There were no declarations of conflicts of interest.


3.         Confirmation of Minutes


Councillor Lyons/Ms Huata-Kupa

That the minutes of the HDC: Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee Meeting held Friday 28 June 2019 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.




Tangata Whenua Appointment Process to the HDC: Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee

(Document 19/744)



The purpose of the report was to discuss the appropriate appointment process for appointing Tangata Whenua representatives to the Committee and nominations of individuals.



Under the provisions of condition 29 of the Hastings District Council’s Wastewater Discharge Consent granted on 25 June 2014 Council was required to establish and maintain a Committee.



A Workshop was held on 28 June 2019  in regard to the process of tangata whenua appointments to the HDC: Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee and the following was agreed:


The two Post Settlement Governance Entitles be responsible for their respective appointments to the Committee; three from Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust (given that the main jurisdiction and demographic resides within HTST) and two from Mana Ahuriri Trust.


·         With the two current vacancies, the HTST through Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga have put forward Marei Apatu and Beverley Te Huia to be appointed as Tangata Whenua representatives on the HDC: Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee. Both nominated appointees have the necessary skills, attributes and capacity to participate on the Committee and fulfil the necessary obligations and responsibilities.


·         The size of the Committee would see the status quo remain being five Councillors and five Tangata Whenua representatives.


·         The term of office on the Committee would also support the status quo where Councillors would be appointed at the beginning of a new triennium. 


·         The Terms of Reference for the HDC: Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee shall be subject to review by the Joint Committee at its first meeting following each local government triennial election.



Resignation - Mr Paku advised the meeting that with the new process for appointment made he would be standing down from the Committee at the conclusion of this meeting.


Mr Paku had been a member of the Committee since its inception in 2000.  The Committee was unique at that time as it brought together Māori and Council representatives to work on Hastings’ wastewater treatment and disposal policies together.  The integration of the two cultural approaches had been significant which culminated in the development of the Papatuanuku Channel renamed the “Rakahore Channel” at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


The Chair, Councillor Heaps on behalf of the Committee acknowledged Mr Paku’s valuable contribution from the inception of the Committee in 2000.  The Committee had been fortunate to have someone of Mr Paku’s calibre to work with for the last 19 years and had taught members all such a lot.



3 Waters Progress Update - The 3 Waters Services Manager, Mr Chapman advised that Government had approved regulatory reforms to help ensure safe drinking water, and deliver improved environmental outcomes from New Zealand’s wastewater and stormwater systems.


A new dedicated water regulator would be established to oversee the regulatory regime. The regulator would have a range of responsibilities and functions, including standards setting; compliance, monitoring and enforcement. 


There will be national standards implemented in relation to wastewater and stormwater.  Drinking water would be dealt with first. 


Mr Chapman advised that in the next 24 months the Committee would have to deal with a number of issues including a longer term vision in being resilient to climate change at the location of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Reducing waste and toxicity of waste at the point of generation could be a beginning.



Ms Huata-Kupa/Councillor Watkins


A)        That the report of the Pou Ahurea Matua - Principal Advisor: Relationships, Responsiveness and Heritage titled Tangata Whenua Appointment Process to the HDC: Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee dated 2/08/2019 be received.


B)        That moving forward, the two Post-Settlement Governance Entities of Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust and Mana Ahuriri Trust will be responsible for appointing their respective nominations to the Committee.


C)        That Marei Apatu and Beverley Te Huia’s nominations be accepted from Heretaunga Tamatea Development Trust as replacements for the two current Tangata Whenua vacancies on the HDC : Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee effective from 2 August 2019.



Councillor Heaps/Ms Huata-Kupa


A)        That Mr Paku’s resignation as member on the HDC : Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee be accepted.


B)        That a nomination of a tangata whenua representative from the Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust to replace Mr Paku will be considered at a future meeting.






Final Meeting as Chair - Councillor Lyons on behalf of the HDC Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee and Council staff, thanked Councillor Heaps on his term as Chair and membership over the past 15 years for his hard work, passion and contribution on the Committee.


Councillor Lyons advised that Councillor Heaps was not standing for re-election and this would be his last HDC Tangata Whenua Wastewater Joint Committee meeting he would Chair. 


5.         Additional Business Items

            There were no additional business items.


6.         Extraordinary Business Items

            There were no extraordinary business items.



Karakia:  Marei Apatu


The meeting closed at 9.50am