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International Advisory Group




Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


CG-14-10-00014                                                                         1

Minutes of a Meeting of the International Advisory Group held on

11 October 2017 at 3.00pm


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Apologies  1

2.         Conflict of Interest 1

3.         Consideration of General Business Items  1

            Items of General Business would be considered following the last Agenda Item. 1

4.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

5.         Children's Palace Visit 2

6.         Update Report 2

7.         Inward Investment Group - Chinese Visit to Hawke's Bay  3

8.         Councillor Watkins - Trip to China and Mianyang Expo September 2017  3

9.         Guilin Sister City Visit to Hastings  4

3.         General Business  5



CG-14-10-00014                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE International Advisory Group

HELD IN THE Landmarks Room, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

 Wednesday, 11 October 2017 AT 3.00pm



Present:                          Chair:  Councillor Travers

Acting Deputy Mayor Hazlehurst

Councillors Dixon and Watkins

                                               Ms Charlotte van Asch (NZ China Friendship Society); Ray Ching (Vice President, Hawke’s Bay Chinese Association); Mrs S Padfield (Education Link Group) and Olivia Campbell (Youth Council Representative)



IN ATTENDANCE:             Economic Development Manager (Mr L Neville)

                                               Events Manager (Ms G Miller)

Committee Secretary (Mrs C Hunt)


AS REQUIRED:                  Geraldine Edwards, Chairperson, Learning Hawke’s Bay


1.         Apologies


Councillor Dixon/Councillor Watkins

That apologies for absence from Mrs Jenny Too (President, Hawke’s Bay Chinese Association), Mr Heiko Lade (HB Branch Secretary, NZ China Friendship Society) and Mrs Rizwaana Latiff (Multicultural Association) be accepted.



2.         Conflict of Interest

There were no declarations of conflicts of interest.


3.         Consideration of General Business Items

            Items of General Business would be considered following the last Agenda Item.


4.         Confirmation of Minutes


Councillor Watkins/Councillor Dixon

That the minutes of the International Advisory Group held Wednesday 21 June 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.




Children's Palace Visit

(Document 17/1016)



The Events Manager, Ms Miller updated the Group on the successful visit by the Guilin Children’s Palace School of Performing Arts visit to Hawke’s Bay from 8 to 12 August 2017 which included visits to a number of schools across Napier and Hastings.


Te Aute College welcomed the visitors with the official powhiri and were now keen to visit Guilin with a group of performers in the near future. Students from Te Aute College had last visited Guilin in 2006.


The China Friendship Society had put a lot of effort into organising the billeting of the students and had arranged that two of the visiting performers were billeted together with each of the nine families to make everyone’s visit as enjoyable as possible. 


Acting Mayor Hazlehurst/Mrs Padfield

A)        That the report of the Event Manager titled Children's Palace Visit dated 11/10/2017 be received.




Update Report

(Document 17/1018)



Asians in the Bay Awards was very successful held on 7 August 2017 and continued to grow every year.  A record number of 36 applications were received, with 230 people attending the Awards evening.


The guest speaker at the Awards was Vanisa Dhiru, President National Council of Women who was very inspirational. 


It was noted that the Awards would be held in Hastings next year and earthquake strengthening of the Hawke’s Bay Opera House would be completed by September.  It was suggested that by changing the Award Ceremony from August to September it could be held in Hawke’s Bay Opera House Plaza.



Education Link – Sue Padfield circulated and read her report at the meeting (CG-14-10-00016).  The main points highlighted were:


·         Organising schools to visit during the Guilin Children’s Palace visit.

·         Havelock North High School have produced a colouring book featuring local venues and have agreed to make some books available as gifts for visiting teachers.

·         Disappointed that a request from Havelock North High School for a get together of international students was declined by IAG, China Friendship supported Chinese students and Education Hawke’s Bay considered it was out of their scope.

·         Te Aute College keen to visit Guilin.  The Performing Arts School on Yong Shu would like a Sister School and this could be an opportunity for interaction.

·         Councillor Watkins and Sue Padfield to follow up with the Havelock North High School on the Memorandum of Understanding for Beichuan High School. 


2018 China Amazing Race – Councillor Watkins advised that during his recent to China he met with the 2015 Gold Sponsors in Nanning.  He confirmed that they would be happy to sponsor the 2018 China Amazing Race.


Following a meeting with China Culture in Wellington they have agreed to fund the winner of the Face Race to China with all expenses paid in China.


Sponsorship of four return tickets from Air New Zealand has yet to be agreed upon.   


Councillor Watkins is to meet with the Chief Executive, Industrial Commercial Bank of China, who have opened a branch in Auckland to discuss sponsorship of approximately $5000.



Councillor Watkins/Olivia Campbell


A)        That the report of the Economic Development Manager titled Update Report dated 11/10/2017 be received.




Inward Investment Group - Chinese Visit to Hawke's Bay

(Document 17/1017)



The Economic Development Manager, Mr Neville advised that a delegation of sixteen investors from China were hosted in Hastings on 20 September by Tomoana Warehousing Limited and New Zealand Miracle Water.

Following the visit very positive feedback had been received from New Zealand Miracle water thanking Council for their assistance.



Councillor Dixon/Charlotte van Asch

A)        That the report of the Economic Development Manager titled Inward Investment Group - Chinese Visit to Hawke's Bay dated 11/10/2017 be received.




Councillor Watkins - Trip to China and Mianyang Expo September 2017

(Document 17/1019)



Councillor Watkins spoke to his report and highlighted the following:


·         To represent Hastings District Council at the Science and Technology Expo.

·         Meet families in Southern China whose children are attending secondary schools in the Hastings District.

·         Meet the 2015 Gold Sponsor of the Amazing China Face Race to seek support for a 2018 China Face Race.

·         Visit Guilin and meet the new Director of Foreign Affairs.

·         Invitation to visit the Hi Vision Technology LED production facility with a view to having their product in Hastings.  They made a generalised offer if Council sent photos of the opera house inside and outside the tech team could transpose and offer different colour options.  If Council liked the design he was prepared to sponsor the lighting and set up.  This would help him launch into the New Zealand market as he would be able to showcase the Hastings Opera House.

·         Official talks with the Mayor of New Beichuan County and to meet with staff of New Beichuan Middle School.

·         New Beichuan School wished any school to engage with them to facilitate a two way exchange programme for teachers and possibly students such as Hastings Girls’ High had done with Zhingshan Middle School.

·         Beichuan School had 3500 students, a lot of whom went through the trauma of the 2008 earthquake and were dealing with flashbacks.  They had long hours of study which was very regimented and this style was not working.  They wanted teachers to come to New Zealand to view the curriculum.

·         A Memorandum of Understanding had been signed two years ago with Havelock North High School but they were getting no response from Havelock North High School.

·         During the Lantern Festival last year a young Japanese lady turned up in traditional Chinese costume.  Councillor Watkins had spoken to Mr Zhau who agreed to have some Guilin girls in National costume come for the Festival.  They would pay for the airfares to New Zealand and Council would organise accommodation and activities.


At the meeting it was suggested that:


·         Perhaps as Karamu High School had never had any international students they may be able to assist the Beichuan School.

·         Also during the Lantern Festival there could be leverage to have more events during the week.  The Lantern Festival was held the first week when daylight saving stopped.


It was noted that Council’s Events Manager assisted with the Lantern event and a project plan has been developed.  Osmanthus Gardens was a small area and security handling cash were issues that needed to be considered.



Councillor Watkins/Acting Mayor Hazlehurst


That the report titled “Councillor Watkins – Trip to China and Mianyang Expo September 2017” be received.




Guilin Sister City Visit to Hastings

(Document 17/1015)



The Economic Development Manager, Mr Neville advised that the delegation visit was a very short goodwill visit which reinforced how important the relationship was between Guilin and Hastings.


It was agreed at the meeting that Mr Neville would develop an upcoming events calendar and circulate to all parties that may be interested, so that they are aware of upcoming events.


Mrs Padfield/Olivia Campbell

A)        That the report of the Economic Development Manager titled Guilin Sister City Visit to Hastings dated 11/10/2017 be received for information.







Japan/Hastings Hockey Exchange – Geraldine Edwards, Chair of the Learning Hawke’s Bay circulated at the meeting (CG-14-10-00015) a report from Learning Hawke’s Bay in regard to discussions held with a delegation from Maibara City (Japan) on opportunities for collaboration between Hastings and Maibara.


Learning Hawke’s Bay had been collaborating with Hawke’s Bay Hockey to produce short term GameOn Hockey programme; a cooperation between Hastings Schools and HB Hockey. This product would enhance a suite of GameOn products being marketed to Japan from October 2017.


In December 2017 Geraldine Edwards, Chairman, Learning Hawke’s Bay (LHB) and Mitchell Thorne (potential hockey coach for Maibara) would travel, at the expense of Maibara City, for a short visit. Relationships would be strengthened and it is hoped that during this time the GameOn project would be formally launched providing a suite, including hockey, of short stay, English Language and intensive sports training programmes.


Councillor Watkins left the meeting at 4.16pm.



Olivia Campbell (Youth Council Representative) requested to be included in the Hockey programme when they visit New Zealand.


GameOn was a golden opportunity for schools to generate a revenue stream and grow the international student pool.





The meeting closed at 4.20pm