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Landmarks Advisory Group




Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


CG-14-13-00023                                                                         1

Minutes of a Meeting of the Landmarks Advisory Group

held on 4 October 2017 at 3.30pm


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Apologies  1

2.         Conflicts of Interest 1

3.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

4.         Quarterly Report 1

5.         Request for Abbott Bequest Funding for George Thompson-Pritchard Artwork Restoration   3

6.         Tree & Shrub planting programmes 2017  4

7.         Additional Business Items  4

8.         Extraordinary Business Items  4



CG-14-13-00023                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE Landmarks Advisory Group

HELD IN THE Landmarks Room, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

 Wednesday, 4 October 2017 AT 3.30pm



Present:                               Chair: Councillor Travers

                                                    Councillors Barber, Dixon and Redstone

     Mrs Ruth Vincent (President, Landmarks Trust)

     Landmarks Trust Executive: Mr John Davidson,   Barbara Brookfield and Mr Richard Coles


IN ATTENDANCE:                 Parks and Property Services Manager (Mr C Hosford)

     Parks Planning & Development Manager (Ms R Stuart)

     Parks Landscape and Projects Officer (Mr B Leslie)

     Projects and Public Space Manager (Mr R Engelke)

     Environmental Enhancement Officer (Mr J Clews)

     Secretary (Mrs C Hunt)


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE:      Landmarks Trust Executive: Joyce Barry, Diana   McCormack



1.         Apologies

            There were no apologies to receive.

2.         Conflicts of Interest

There were no declarations of conflicts of interest.


3.         Confirmation of Minutes


Councillor Dixon/Councillor Redstone

That the minutes of the Landmarks Advisory Group held Wednesday 28 June 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.




Quarterly Report

(Document 17/551)


Councillor Barber joined the meeting at 3.40pm



The Parks and Planning Development Manager, Ms Stuart spoke to the report and updated the Group on current Council and community projects that have an impact on Landmarks goals.  Projects and Activities included:



Karamu Road Enhancement Project - The renewal and enhancement of Karamu Road North between Kenilworth Road and St Aubyn Street was nearing completion.  A corten steel tree grate and support system had been developed with a rata flower motif being laser cut into the steel to provide a unique point of difference. 


Te Mata Park Construction Project - Construction would commence in October for the new toilet and carpark facilities at the Tauroa Road carpark and Main Gates Carpark.


Opera House Update – The $11.4 million project started on 2 August 2017.  Hastings District Council has organised time lapse videos of the work to be uploaded to the Council website monthly so residents can see how the project is going.


Windsor Park Reserve Management Plan – Public consultation opened in July 2017 and received 72 submissions.  A draft Windsor Park Management Plan was presented at a Council workshop.   Councillors were supportive of the potential community use of the site, and instructed officers to undertake further work on a “multi-use community/recreation hub”.


The Windsor Park Management Plan had therefore been put on hold, pending completion of this further work.  The work was to be aligned with future growth and the financial stability of Splash Planet and combining a master plan with Splash Planet and the park.


Draft Long Term Plan - A report on CBD priority works and strategic plans would be presented to the Economic Development and Urban Affairs Committee meeting on 31 October 2017.


2017 Landmarks Awards - The 2017 Landmarks Awards were held at the Havelock North Community Centre on 31 August 2017.


Spring Spruce Up Awards 2017 – Tremains were the principal sponsor of the Tremains Spring Spruce Up which was managed in partnership with Council.  The closing date for entries was 3 November 2017.


Whakatu Arterial – More than 13,000 plants would be planted along the new Whakatu Link Route, starting with 7,000 going onto the new State Highway 2 roundabout, at Mangateretere, and the roads leading into it this month. Most of the remainder will go in during next year’s winter planting season as more sections of the route were completed.


The plants were mostly natives including varieties of flax, coprosma, oi oi, griselinia and pittosporum, along with the hardy exotic plant species such as lomandra and Chinese star jasmine, all of which perform well in Hawke’s Bay’s hot dry summer conditions.   NZTA contribute funding for the plants.


Village Green – Following a request for shade shelter in the Village Green and the opportunity to work with David Trubridge a concept of the shade structure was displayed (CG-14-13-00024).  Installation of the shade structure at the Village Green was scheduled for the first week of November 2017.



City Centre Plans - Ms Stuart displayed a powerpoint presentation (CG-14-13-00024) on concept plans of the City Centre.  It was noted that a level of vibrancy in the CBD was needed to encourage people to want to live there.  Parking had been identified as a barrier to people wanting to live within the CBD and Council had removed the necessity to have a carpark.


Keep New Zealand Beautiful - Two years ago Hastings won the “Most Beautiful City of New Zealand Award and this year Havelock North in conjunction with the Hastings City Business Association had been entered for the “Most Beautiful Suburb”.  The video and application (CG-14-13-00025) submitted were displayed  at the meeting.


Winners of the Awards would be announced on Friday, 13 October 2017 at Craggy Range.   A presentation themed on Civic Pride would be delivered by Michael Fowler.  Council Officers Rachel Stuart and Dennise Elers would also have a presentation on the History of Civic Pride developed through former Mayor Jeremy Dwyer in the 1990s.



Councillor Redstone/Barbara Brookfield


A)        That the report of the Parks Planning and Development Manager titled “Landmarks Quarterly Report” dated 4/10/2017 be received.






Request for Abbott Bequest Funding for George Thompson-Pritchard Artwork Restoration

(Document 17/906)



The Parks Planning and Development Manager, Ms Stuart advised that a request for funding from the Abbott Bequest had been received from the Duart House Society to assist in the restoration of the remaining four George Thompson-Pritchard paintings displayed at Duart House.  The restoration costs for these four paintings is $16,000 excluding GST.


If the Landmarks Advisory Group were to agree to this new application, the balance would fall from $64,643 to $56,643, which was below the adopted maintenance threshold of $75,000.

If the Committee allocated $8,000 from the Abbott Bequest towards the restoration Officers would provide the remaining required funds from an appropriate area from the 2017/18 Parks budget, given the importance of the artworks to the community and their display in a Council owned and maintained heritage building.


Councillor Barber/Councillor Dixon

A)        That the report of the Parks Planning and Development Manager titled Request for Abbott Bequest Funding for George Thompson-Pritchard Artwork Restoration dated 4/10/2017 be received.

B)        That the Landmarks Advisory Group agree to fund $8,000 from the Abbott Bequest to enable the restoration of the remaining four George Thompson-Pritchard paintings, with the balance of $8,000 being funded through the 2017/18 Parks Budget.





Tree & Shrub planting programmes 2017

(Document 17/993)



The Parks Landscape and Projects Officer, Mr Leslie spoke to the report updating the Group on the Tree and Shrub Planting Programmes for 2017.


This year’s programme consists of approximately 17,600 new shrubs and just over 400 new trees in both parks and streets.  New plantings were usually carried out in new or upgraded streets and newly formed parks as part of their initial landscape enhancement. Renewal plantings were replacements for dead or failed trees or shrubs. 

Mr Leslie advised that while a wider variety of plant species were available if an area has irrigation, Council’s general move was to reduce reliance on reticulated water.   The integration of more drought tolerant tree and shrub species for harsh locations with no irrigation support, was strongly recommended over the coming years.



Councillor Redstone/Councillor Dixon

A)        That the report of the Parks Landscape and Projects Officer titled Tree & Shrub planting programmes 2017 dated 4/10/2017 be received for information purposes only.



7.         Additional Business Items

            There were no additional business items.


8.         Extraordinary Business Items

            Redevelopment of Flaxmere   - Mr Hosford advised that Council funding had been allocated for year one in the Draft Long Term Plan.  Funding allocations in the Draft Long Term Plan would be debated by Council next year.


The Community had also been asked to undertake fundraising and the Council’s Community Programmes and Facilities Group were assisting with this.


Officers would report back at the 29 November 2017 meeting on the concept development plans.


            Future Col Site -  Mr Hosford advised that development of the Future Col site was confidential at this stage.  Officers would email any information to the Advisory Group on the Future Col site when they were able.



            My Voice My Choice Surveys – In response to how effective were the My Voice My Choice surveys, Mr Hosford advised that they worked well for the community.  It was very accessible and community had been engaging in providing feedback on projects.


            Officers would report back on all media used for engaging the community in the next Landmarks Quarterly Report.



The meeting closed at 4.45 pm