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Hastings District Youth Council




Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


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Minutes of a Meeting of the Hastings District Youth Council held on

25 October 2017 at 3.45pm


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Apologies  1

2.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

5.         Representation Review 2018  1

6.         Youth Grants  2

3.         Facebook page updates  3

7.         Youth Council Annual Plan   3

4.         General Business  3



CG-14-33-00048                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE Hastings District Youth Council

HELD IN THE Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

 Wednesday, 25 October 2017 AT 3.45pm



Present:                          Chair: Grace Peia (HGHS)

Councillor Dixon

                                               Rytasha Sekhon and Pelerose Vaima’a (HGHS); Bethany Cox, Liam Davies and Rueben Lyndon (Karamu High); Olivia Campbell, Eleanor Matich, Ella Hoogerbrug and Hamish Legarth (Havelock North); Dylan Bishop (St Johns); Samantha Anderson (Sacred Heart); and Max Sharp (EIT)



IN ATTENDANCE:             Youth Co-ordinator (Ryan Gardiner)

                                               Team Leader Youth Development (Paddy Steffert)

                       Committee Secretary (Annette Murdoch)



1.         Apologies   

            Max Sharp/Liam Davies


            That apologies for absence from Antonia Richardson (Rudolf Steiner) be accepted.



            An apology for the Councillor Meet and Greet from Councillor Lyons was noted.



2.         Confirmation of Minutes


Dylan Bishop/Eleanor Matich

That the minutes of the Hastings Youth Council Meeting held Wednesday 27 September 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.


 Samantha Anderson arrived at the meeting at 3.50pm


Representation Review 2018

Democratic Support Manager, Jackie Evans gave a presentation to Youth Council members and advised that Council are undergoing a representation review which involved looking at the Ward boundaries in the District. 

Mrs Evans requested feedback from members as to the best way to consult with Youth regarding election and representation review issues. The following ideas were suggested:

·         Establish Youth Council members appointments onto Council and Standing Committees.

·         Encourage and educate youth voting before they reach 18 years.

·         Social media.

·         Democratic Support Manager would be prepared to talk to students in a classroom situation, however this type of topic was not currently in a school curriculum.

·         18-25 year olds to be targeted – most people responding to consultation and attending meet the candidate forums are of a much older age group.

·         Members returning to Youth Council in 2018 are keen to be involved in democratic issues.



Liam Davies/Max Sharp


A)      That the report of The Electoral Officer titled Representation Review 2018 dated 25/10/2017 be received.


B)     That the Youth Council consider how to best consult with Young People on the Council’s representation arrangements.



Rytasha Sekhon left the meeting at 4.15pm

Jackie Evans left the meeting at 4.17pm



Youth Grants

It was agreed to establish a Youth Grant Working Group comprising: Hanna Wrigley, Grace Peia, Pelerose Vaima’a, Eleanor Matich and Samantha Anderson. 

It was noted there was approximately $1,250.00 left in the budget. 


Olivia Campbell/Eleanor Matich

A)      That the report of the Youth Co-ordinator titled “Youth Grants” dated 25/10/2017 be received.

B)     That the Youth Council endorse the email responses from thirteen members - Antonia Richardson, Samantha Anderson, Eleanor Matich, Rytasha Sekhon, Dylan Bishop, Olivia Campbell, Hamish Legarth, Ella Hoogerbrug, Hanna Wrigley, Liam Davies, Bethany Cox, Max Sharp and Grace Peia (Chair) - regarding the allocation of funds from the Youth Grants budget as set out in C) below.

C)     That $250 be contributed, from the Youth Grants budget towards the unexpected cost incurred by Mr Karl Wairama, Tu Ake Academy as a result of partnering with the Youth Council in the delivery of Activity 5 “Inspiring Youth Speaker Series and Workshops” of the Youth Council’s Annual Plan 2017. 

D)     That the remainder of the available Youth Grants budget should be kept available for the Youth Grants process for 2017.




3.         Facebook page updates

            There were no updates to report.




Youth Council Annual Plan

It was noted that all Annual Plan Actions had been completed.


Dylan Bishop/Liam Davies

That the report of the Youth Co-ordinator titled “Youth Council Annual Plan” dated 25 October 2017 be received.




4.         General Business

·         It was advised that a survey would be sent out to Youth Council Members requesting honest feedback from members on what worked well and what did not work well with the 2017 Youth Council.  Feedback would assist in the development of the 2018 Youth Council.

·         Circulated at the meeting were introduction letters from two library staff members along with library advertising material.

·         Councillor Dixon gave thanks to the Chair and Youth Council Members for their efforts for which the community appreciates.  He wished members the best with their future education.  Thanks were also given to Council Officers Paddy Steffert and Ryan Gardiner.

·         Team Leader Youth Development, Paddy Steffert, advised members that acknowledgement letters will be sent out to those members who had regular attendance at Youth Council meetings.

·         Acting Mayor, Sandra Hazlehurst gave a thank you speech and wished members well for their future.

·         Following the meeting light refreshments were served with a Youth Council members ‘Meet and Greet’ with Mayor and Councillors.






The meeting closed at 4.37pm