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Hastings District Youth Council




Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


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Minutes of a Meeting of the Hastings District Youth Council held on

7 March 2018 at 3.45pm


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Apologies  1

2.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

3.         Facebook page updates – There were no updates. 1

4.         General Business – This item was addressed later in the meeting. 1

5.         Hastings District Youth Council 2018  2

6.         Youth Grants 2018  3

7.         Council Committees  3

4.         General Business  4

            -      Annual Plan Activities

            -      Youth Ball

            -      Paint Party

            -      Informal Youth Council meeting



CG-14-33-00054                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE Hastings District Youth Council

HELD IN THE Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

 Wednesday, 7 March 2018 AT 3.45pm



Present:                          Chair: Ella Hoogerbrug, (Havelock North)

                                               Deputy Chair: Cameron Young

                                               Councillor Dixon


                                               Youth Council Representatives:

                                               Kate Allen, Caroline Jones, Hena Dugh and Emilee Scarborough (HGHS);

Abigail Masengi and Hope McCleland (Karamu High); Matekairoa Butler (Flaxmere College);

Dylan Bishop, Gurjas Sekhon (St Johns College);

Connor Molloy (Napier Boys);

Oscar Malpas (HBHS);

Xinyi Chen (Iona);

Charlotte Frogley (Woodford);

Kaikohe Hutana (Te Aute);

Samantha Anderson (Sacred Heart);

Max Sharp (EIT); and Eleanor Matich


IN ATTENDANCE:             Team Leader Youth Development (Paddy Steffert)

                                               Youth Co-ordinator (Ryan Gardiner)

                       Committee Secretary (Carolyn Hunt)


1.         Apologies   


Max Sharp/Abigail Masengi

That apologies for absence from Pelerose Vaima’a, Rytasha Sekhon and Cairo Smith be accepted.




2.         Confirmation of Minutes


Councillor Dixon/Ella Hoogerbrug

That the minutes of the Hastings Youth Council Meeting held Wednesday 25 October 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.



3.         Facebook page updates – There were no updates.


4.         General Business – This item was addressed later in the meeting.




Hastings District Youth Council 2018

(Document 18/161)



Election of Deputy Chair - The Chair, Ella Hoogerbrug called for nominations for the position of Deputy Chair.  The following nominations were put forward:

·         Hena Dugh

·         Max Sharp

·         Cameron Young

·         Eleanor Matich

·         Caroline Jones


It was agreed that the candidates would leave the room and a hand voting process would be undertaken.



Photographs - Youth Council representatives were asked to provide a photograph of themselves for inclusion on the Hastings District Youth Council Website.  Members of the Youth Council were also requested to provide a small paragraph about themselves to accompany the photo.



Terms of Reference – The Terms of Reference had been amended to reflect that meetings would be held on the first Wednesday of the month rather than fortnightly.


It was noted that the meeting end time was amended from 5.00pm to 5.30pm.  Electronic invites would be sent with the amended time for all the 2018 meeting dates.


Connor Molloy joined the meeting at 4.00pm



International Advisory Group (IAG) – Councillor Dixon is a member of the IAG and advised that the Group meet twice a year.  The object of the Group was to foster relationships with multicultural groups and form relationships including its Sister City Guilin and visiting groups.  One of the main purposes was involved with hosting and exchange of international students.


Max Sharp would be appointed as the Youth Council representative and attend the International Advisory Group meetings.  Xinyi Chen and Abigail Masengi would be invited to attend functions with Max if they wished.



 Abigail Masengi/Charlotte Frogley

A)   That the report from the Youth Co-ordinator titled “Hastings District Youth Council 2018” be received.

B)   That the election of Ella Hoogerbrug as the Chair of the 2018 Hastings District Youth Council by written ballot at the Planning Session on 22 February 2018 be confirmed.

C)   That Cameron Young be elected as the Deputy Chair of the 2018 Hastings District Youth Council.

D)   That Max Sharp be appointed as the Youth Council representative on the International Advisory Group.

E)   That the appropriate amendments to the Terms of Reference be endorsed to reflect that the meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month; the increased number of members (now 22); and the increased quorum (now 13).




Youth Grants 2018

(Document 18/180)



An amount of $5,000 per annum (July to June) was allocated to the Youth Council for activities during the year.  This allocation could be used to complete events or tasks of the Youth Council Annual Plan.  The Youth Grant could be considered a form of scholarship for students to attend an event.  Last year 10 x $200 Youth Grants were allocated.


Youth Grants had not been included as an activity in the Youth Council Annual Plan for 2018.  Members agreed that this be included in the Annual Plan.  How this activity will be funded is yet to be decided, whether it be through the Youth Council budget or through sponsorship/fundraising.


The Youth Co-ordinator, Ryan Gardiner would provide clarification of the Youth Council budget at the next meeting. 



Samantha Anderson/Hena Dugh

A)        That the report of the Youth Co-ordinator titled Youth Grants 2018 dated 7/03/2018 be received.

B)        That Youth Grants 2018 be adopted to the Youth Council Annual Plan.

With the reasons for this decision being that the objective of the decision will contribute to meeting the current and future needs of communities for local public services in a way that is most cost-effective for households and business.




Council Committees

(Document 18/193)



The Team Leader Youth Development, Mr Steffert spoke to the Youth Council about the Committees within the Hastings District Council.  Currently there is no process that provides for a Youth Council representative to actively participate in committee meetings with voting or speaking rights.


However, speaking rights to any Committee on specific reports maybe granted through the Chair unless a meeting is closed to the public.


Elected members of Council would welcome a voice from a youth perspective and if Youth Council were interested in having representation at Committee meetings it would need to go through a democratic process.

Members indicated they would be interested in attending and participating in the following Committees:


Economic Development and Urban Affairs Committee - Eleanor Matich, Kaikohe Hutana, Connor Molloy, Hena Dugh and Emilee Scarborogh


Finance and Monitoring Committee - Gurjas Sekhon, Oscar Malpas and Charlotte Frogley


Planning and Regulatory Committee – Eleanor Matich and Emilee Scarborough


Social and Culture Development Committee – Caroline Jones, Hope McCleland, Kate Allan, Hena Dugh, Matekairoa Butler, Samantha Anderson, Max Sharp, Cameron Young, Kaikohe Hutana, Xinyi Chen and Abigail Masengi


Works and Services Committee – Kaikohe Hutana, Cameron Young, Matekairoa Butler and Gurjas Sekhon



Caroline Jones/Charlotte Frogley  

A)        That the report of the Team Leader Youth Development titled “Council Committees” dated 07/03/2018 be received.


B)        That the Youth Council write a report requesting that they be allowed speaking rights at Council Committees.










Include three additional activities:

Civic Pride

·         Ideas to engage students in Civic Pride in the District.

·         “Hastie” the Tractor is the Civic Pride Mascot.

·         Beach Clean Up

·         Blossom Parade float but potentially could spend budget on better things – teenagers unlikely to be at parade.

·         Relay for life – incorporate Council/Civic Pride

·         Hash tag photos – #hastingsproud.

·         Also include the Youth Art Ambassador Programme Competition within Civic Pride.


Participation in Council Committees

·         Write report to allow youth representation at Council’s Standing Committee.


Youth Grants

·         Decide on budget allocation for Youth Grants.


Dylan Bishop left the meeting at 4.40pm.




Activity 1 – Leadership Programme

·         Focus on what can we do.

·         Event needs to be really good.



Activity 2 – Colour Run

·         Zeal Education Trust assists hugely with this activity.

·         Profits to go towards the charity organisations that support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and others (LGBQ).



Activity 3 – Primary and High School Partnerships

·         Health and Safety could be an issue.

·         Some school’s strict on releasing students.

·         Not here to do school’s work.

·         Why focus on something not targeted for?


Majority of the group agreed to remove this activity from Annual Plan.



Activity 4 - Rubbish and recycling awareness

·         Eleanor Matich, Abigail Masengi and Max Sharp were involved in the Beach Clean up.

·         Hash tag Wednesday – Promote future of disposal of waste.

·         Waste Wednesday – Tips for every Wednesday.


This Activity could be incorporated within Civic Pride.



Activity 5 - Promote disability and mental health awareness

·         Disability and Mental Health two completely different issues.

·         Focus on Physical Disability.

·         Contact District Health Board re. Disability Awareness week.

·         Have coloured shirt day and youth representative willing to speak in assembly.

·         Remove Mental Health Awareness from activity.


Eleanor Matich, Max Sharp and Emilee Scarborough to work together to put solid idea forward.



Activity 6 - Youth Potential Awards

·         Compulsory activity



Activity 7 – Charity Event

·         Not creating whole project.

·         Supporting and promoting the group – Under Civic Pride

·         Contact and email Library to see if they will come and talk about it.

·         Get schools’ Community Services Committee on board.



Activity 8 – Skate Park Competition

·         Good idea as have new skateparks around Hawke’s Bay.

·         Competition entry fee of $5.00 which could be donated to physical disability charity.

·         Proceeds would go to local community charity.

·         Need sponsorship for prizes and promotional material.            




Activity 9 – Mayor’s Task Force for Jobs Graduation

·         Compulsory activity.



Project leads and appointments to Activities will be made at the next meeting.


Youth Ball – Youth Council supported Youth Balls in the past but there would be no Youth Ball for 2018.  Zeal Education Trust organised the Youth Ball and it peaked about 2-3 years ago.


Councillor Dixon left the meeting at 5.15pm.



Paint Party – The following would assist Mark Wilson in the preparation of the Paint Party.  Xinyi Chen, Cameron Young, Caroline Jones, Gurjas  Sekhon, Eleanor Matich, Abigail  Masengi and Hena Dugh.  Ryan to submit their names to Mark Wilson, Zeal Education Trust.



Next Youth Council meeting – informal meeting will be held Wednesday, 14 March at the Hastings Art Gallery to finalise Annual Plan activities.


Meetings were currently scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month 3.45pm to 5.30pm listed as below:


·         4 April

·          1 August

·         2 May

·          5 September

·         6 June

·          7 November

·         4 July







The meeting closed at 5.30pm