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Tenders Subcommittee MEETING




Meeting Date:

Thursday, 5 April 2018




Landmarks Room

Ground Floor

Civic Administration Building

Lyndon Road East



Subcommittee Members

Chair: Councillor Travers

Mayor Hazlehurst (Ex Officio)

Councillors Lyons, Nixon, Redstone and Watkins (Deputy Chair)

Chief Executive and Group Manager: Asset Management


Officer Responsible

Group Manager: Economic Growth & Organisation Improvement – Craig Cameron

(Quorum = 4)

Committee Secretary

Christine Hilton (Extn 5633)


Tenders Subcommittee – Terms of Reference

A Subcommittee of the Works and Services Committee


Fields of Activity

The Tenders Subcommittee is responsible for assisting council in its general overview of procurement and tender activity by accepting tenders which exceed the Chief Executive’s delegated authority to approve, for projects previously approved by Council or a Standing Committee within the delegated authority.


Chairman appointed by the Council

4 members appointed by the Council

Chief Executive

Group Manager: Asset Management


For the avoidance of doubt the references in this delegation to the ‘Chief Executive’ and ‘Group Manager: Asset Management’ extends to include any persons from time to time appointed in writing to those roles in an acting capacity.


Quorum – Any four members.


Delegated Powers

Authority to accept tenders for individual projects previously approved by the Council or a Standing Committee of the Council up to a value of $8,000,000

Responsibility to provide oversight and direction on tendering processes in general and/or specific issues relating to a particular project

The Committee reports to the Works and Services Committee





Tenders Subcommittee MEETING


Thursday, 5 April 2018



Landmarks Room

Ground Floor

Civic Administration Building

Lyndon Road East










1.         Apologies

At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.

At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.

2.         Conflict of Interest

Members need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arises between their role as a Member of the Council and any private or other external interest they might have.  This note is provided as a reminder to Members to scan the agenda and assess their own private interests and identify where they may have a pecuniary or other conflict of interest, or where there may be perceptions of conflict of interest. 

If a Member feels they do have a conflict of interest, they should publicly declare that at the start of the relevant item of business and withdraw from participating in the meeting.  If a Member thinks they may have a conflict of interest, they can seek advice from the Chief Executive or Executive Advisor/Manager: Office of the Chief Executive (preferably before the meeting). 

It is noted that while Members can seek advice and discuss these matters, the final decision as to whether a conflict exists rests with the member.

3.         Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes of the Tenders Subcommittee Meeting held Thursday 8 March 2018.

(Previously circulated)

4.         CON2018005 Short Duration Automatic Traffic Count Surveys 2018-2021 5

5.         Additional Business Items

6.         Extraordinary Business Items 




File Ref: 18/227



REPORT TO:               Tenders Subcommittee

MEETING DATE:        Thursday 5 April 2018

FROM:                           Transportation Asset Manager

Marius van Niekerk

SUBJECT:                    CON2018005 Short Duration Automatic Traffic Count Surveys 2018-2021        



1.0       Summary

1.1       The purpose of this report is to seek approval from the Tenders Subcommittee to award Contract No. CON2018005 – Short duration automatic traffic count surveys 2018-2021.

1.2       Tenders were invited under the lowest price conforming procurement methodology.  Three tenders were received.

1.3       This report concludes by recommending that Contract CON2018005 – Short duration automatic traffic count surveys 2018-2021 be awarded to P.E. Scarrott (sole trader) at the tendered price of $142,640 (excl. GST).

2.0       Background and Scope of Work

2.1       The work is budgeted for in the LTP and has been tendered on the basis of a three year contract with up to two optional one year extensions.

2.2       The Contract scope allows for the collection of traffic data.

2.3       In addition to asset management planning and decision making support, the collection of traffic data is a condition of NZTA subsidy funding, the results from which are used by NZTA as a key performance indicator to verify value for money at local government and national government levels and to draw comparisons between local authorities and their peers. It is also used as a benchmark for auditing and for reviewing of maintenance funding allocations.

2.4       This is a Local Authority, measure and value contract for the collection and supply of traffic data for the Hastings District Council’s (HDC) sealed road network, to be conducted in terms of the Association of Consulting Engineers of New Zealand and the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (ACENZ/IPENZ) Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS).

3.0       Health and Safety and Risk Management

3.1       The health and safety expectations of the contract is set out in the Scope of Services Appendix 1, Item H of the contract document and includes the following:

·     The Consultant shall comply at all times with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

·     The Consultant shall comply at all times while working on the road with the “Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management” including the local roads supplement and any subsequent national standards for temporary traffic control.

·     Before carrying out any work on the road network the Consultant shall submit for approval by the Client a traffic management plan detailing the traffic control methods that will be employed during the various data collection activities.

3.2      While P. E. Scarrott is trading as a sole trader, this type of work is a low risk activity for Council and replacement consultants could be found at short notice, if it proved to be necessary.


4.1       This work will be carried out across the rural and urban networks as a data collection operation, hence the risks related to communications are low.

4.2       No specific communications plan is required.

4.3       Where complaints are received regarding the noise generated by the traffic crossing the tubes, the contractor and client proactively work together to deal with the complaint.

5.0       Tenders Received

5.1       Tenders were publicly advertised on GETS with 25 sets of documents being uplifted. Three tenders were received by the closing date of Wednesday 28 February 2018.  These are summarised in Table 1 below:

Name of Tenderer

Tendered Price

Evaluation Price


Yes / No

1.   Matrix Traffic & Transport Data Ltd




2.   P E Scarrott




3.   WSP Opus




                                                     Table 1 - Summary of Tender Prices


5.2       The Engineers estimate for the works was $185,000

5.3       P. E. Scarrott is currently the incumbent and has been doing this work consistently to the required standard over ten years, providing accurate and timely data at his current charge-out rate per count.  For this tender, his new charge-out rate is consistent with his existing charge-out rate.  Officers feel the lower tender price reflects the fact that he is a sole trader and consequently his cost of doing business would likely be lower than rival tenderers.

5.4       As noted above this is a good tender result as it represents good value for money for Council and ratepayers at low risk.


6.0       Tender Evaluation

6.1       The evaluation was carried out by Adam Jackson (certified evaluator), Jag Pannu and Marius van Niekerk.

6.2       The Tender Evaluation Team (T.E.T.) confirm that none of them have personal relationships with any owners, directors or employees of the companies listed above, or any financial or commercial interest in any of the companies that would create a conflict of interest with respect to this tender evaluation process.

6.3       A copy of the evaluation information is attached to this report (Attachment 1).

6.4       As shown in the attached evaluation form the tenderer passed all the required non-price attributes, consisting of:

·     Relevant experience

·     Relevant skills

·     Methodology

·     Resources


7.0       Budget

7.1       Council’s Budget Allocation for this Project is as follows:

Budget Area

Tender Cost

Material Cost

Other Costs

Total Project




Contracted services














Table 2

Note: The variance will be used to cater for any special count requests.




A)      That the report of the Transportation Asset Manager titled “CON2018005 Short Duration Automatic Traffic Count Surveys 2018-2021” dated 5/04/2018 be received.

B)      That contract CON2018005 - Short duration automatic traffic count surveys 2018-2021 be awarded to P. E. Scarrott at the tendered amount of $142,640 (excl GST).





Tender evaluation form






Tender evaluation form

Attachment 1


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