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Community Development Committee MEETING



Late Agenda Item - Trusthouse Funding Report



Meeting Date:

Thursday, 19 July 2018




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File Ref: 18/665



REPORT TO:             Community Development Committee

MEETING DATE:       Thursday 19 July 2018

FROM:                       Aquatics Manager - Flaxmere & Frimley Facilities

Fiona Hurley

SUBJECT:                 Trusthouse Funding Report        



1.0     SUMMARY

1.1     The purpose of this report is to obtain a decision from the Community Development Committee on applying to Trusthouse Foundation for funding.

1.2     This request arises from the need to deliver Learn to Swim & Survival Aquatics Programme to four primary schools in the Flaxmere community, all four of these schools do not have school pools onsite.

1.3     The objective of this decision relevant to the purpose of Local Government is to facilitate an increase in our communities’ health and safety.

1.4     This report concludes by recommending that the Manager of Flaxmere Aquatics make an application to Trusthouse Foundation to support Flaxmere Primary, Irongate, Peterhead and Kimi Ora Community schools to participate in the Learn to Swim & Survival Aquatics Programme.


2.1     Flaxmere Aquatic Centre provides learn to swim and survive education to four primary schools within the Flaxmere community and is in response to meeting the needs of the community and schools by way of the New Zealand Curriculum (under the physical education section it states “it is expected that all children by the end of year 6 will have had opportunities to learn basic aquatic skills”). 

2.2     In order to achieve this, access to an aquatic facility all year round means our schools can reach this criteria within timetables.

2.3     With the New Zealand drowning statistics identifying the rising drowning rate in NZ over recent years and with the biggest risk being Māori & Pacific ethnicities our community schools are predominately fit within those ethnicity groups.

2.4     Previous to Hastings District Council taking over the facility from the Heretaunga Trust, the Schools programme was delivered and maintained through the assistance of Trusthouse funding. 

2.5     The Trusts funding supports Flaxmere Primary, Irongate, Peterhead and Kimi Ora Community schools. With the reduced cost to schools of $1.60 per student per swim (compared to $10.00 per lesson with a private learn to swim provider) is far more sustainable for schools to continue to support children over their primary years, giving them lifeskills that as adults can make safer choices around water.

2.6     In recent decades part of teacher training was based around providing aquatic education to students. This was due to many schools throughout New Zealand having school pools. Yet since 2003 over 103 schools pool have been closed. 

2.7     Nowadays teachers are not given the necessary skills to deliver aquatic education and organisations such as Swimming New Zealand do not have the resources to provide the Profession Development to Schools.


3.1     Flaxmere Aquatic Centre currently services the following schools through their Schools Swim & Survive programme:

·     Flaxmere Primary

·     Irongate School

·     Peterhead School

·     Kimi Ora Community School

·     TKKM o Heretaunga

·     TKKS Takitimu

·     St Matthews Primary School

·     Hastings Christian School

·     Frimley School

3.2     Schools charge students to participate in Learn to Swim & Survival Aquatics Programme at a rate of $2.60 per student per session.  The four Flaxmere schools supported by the Trusthouse funding receive a further discount of $1.00 per student per swim. 

3.3     With the inclusion of our Safe Boating Programme this allows students to access lifejackets, inflatable boat exits and experiences and understanding or keeping themselves safe in different aquatic environments.

3.3     With the minimum hourly wage increase in April 2018 the cost to deliver the lessons has been impacted, however no additional increase in funding or increased charge to schools has incurred.

3.4     To enable Flaxmere Aquatics to deliver the schools programme, it operates for a total of 40 weeks per year, during the school terms.

4.0     OPTIONS

4.1     By supporting the recommendation it will allow four Flaxmere schools and their students to access quality programmes.


5.1     As identified in Council’s Long Term Plan, this funding is an opportunity for Council to work with others to reduce levels of social disadvantage and income gaps in our community.

5.2     The significance of this programme is great and without the support from council and Flaxmere Aquatics, schools will no longer be able to continue or meet the needs around “aquatic education”.  Teachers at primary school get no support or training around teaching basic aquatic skills therefore are unable to deliver the skills to their students.

5.3     Private learn to swim lessons with a provider have in recent years been classed as a luxury rather than a necessity resulting in fewer families able to access private learn to swim


6.1     Council has successfully applied for funding to Trusthouse for the past 3 years and supports four Flaxmere schools and their students to participate in the Learn to Swim & Survival Aquatics Programme. In the 2016/17 financial year the grant was increased from $20,000 to $25,000. The remaining costs to run the programme is covered by the schools by way of a $1.00 per student per session. It is also important to note that community do have access to the facilities during the school programme sessions.

6.2     Schools have access to Kiwisport funding to transport students and support staff to the pool. The Manager of Flaxmere Aquatics has, in the past, supported the schools to access this grant.


7.1     It is preferred that Hastings District Council support the four Flaxmere schools to participate in Flaxmere Aquatic Centre’s Learn to Swim & Survival Aquatics Programme by supporting the funding application to Trusthouse for $25,000.


7.2     For the average child to learn to swim takes around 2 years of continuous lessons and support to master the skills such as water confidence to formal movement patterns and breathing. By teaching our children these skills whilst still in primary school, it will allow the students to carry those skills throughout their adult lives and hopefully pass on those skills to their own families and children.




A)      That the report of the Manager Flaxmere Aquatics titled “Application for Trusthouse Foundation Funding” dated 19/07/2018 be received.


B)      That Council support the funding application to Trusthouse Foundation for $25,000 that will support Flaxmere Primary, Irongate, Peterhead and Kimi Ora Community schools to participate in the Learn to Swim and Survive Education programme.


With the reasons for this decision being that the objective of the decision will contribute to meeting the current and future needs of communities for local public services by:

·    Teaching our children these skills whilst still in primary school, so they carry those skills throughout their adult lives and hopefully pass on those skills to their own families and children.



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