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Landmarks Advisory Group




Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


CG-14-13-00046                                                                         1

Minutes of a Meeting of the Landmarks Advisory Group held on

14 November 2018 at 3.00pm


Table of Contents


Item                                                                                    Page No.


1.         Apologies  1

2.         Conflicts of Interest 1

3.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

5.         Landmarks Trust Update  1

7.         Reserve Naming Suggestions  2

6.         Oak Avenue Tree Management Plan   3

8.         Quarterly Report 4

10.       Draft CBD Master Plan   5

9.         Proposed Eastbourne Street Upgrade Plans  5

11.       Draft Cornwall Park Reserve Management Plan   6

11.       Additional Business Items  7

12.       Extraordinary Business Items  7



CG-14-13-00046                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE Landmarks Advisory Group

HELD IN THE Landmarks Room, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

 Wednesday, 14 November 2018 AT 3.00pm



Present:                          Chair: Councillor Schollum

                                               Councillors Dixon and Lawson,

Mrs Ruth Vincent (President, Landmarks Trust)


Landmarks Trust Executive: Mr Richard Coles, Katie Baptiste and Margot Wilson


IN ATTENDANCE:             Parks and Property Services Manager (Mr C Hosford)

Parks Planning & Development Manager (Ms R Stuart)

Parks Landscape and Projects Officer (Mr B Leslie)

Projects and Public Space Manager (Mr R Engelke)

Environmental Enhancement Officer (Mr J Clews)

Secretary (Mrs C Hunt)


ALSO PRESENT:              Joyce Barry, Barbara Brookfield,  Kathryn Ingram and Diana McCormack


1.         Apologies


Councillor Lawson/Councillor Dixon

That apologies for absence from Councillor O'Keefe and Councillor Travers be accepted.



2.         Conflicts of Interest

There were no declarations of conflicts of interest.


3.         Confirmation of Minutes


Councillor Dixon/Councillor Lawson

That the minutes of the Landmarks Advisory Group held Wednesday 27 June 2018 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.




Landmarks Trust Update

(Document 18/1095)



The Acting President of the Landmarks Trust, Ms Vincent addressed the following key items raised by the Landmarks Advisory Group.


·         New Members: The Executive Trust had two new members Katie Baptiste and Margot Wilson.


·         Informal Meetings: In the event of Landmarks Advisory Group meetings being postponed due to lack of projects, the Trust and Council Officers have agreed to meet more informally at Executive meetings to keep communication active.


·         Enhancing CBD visuals and enjoyment: The Trust were currently pursuing art installation in a King Street alleyway.  The artist is Amy Lynch.


·         A Trust Public Forum has been planned for 28  March  2019 - “Creating Magic Spaces in Hastings”.  This approach builds on a strong impression of City optimism being felt over this last year.



Councillor Lawson/Councillor Dixon

That the report of the Parks and Property Services Manager titled “Landmarks Trust Update” dated 14 November 2018 be received.




With the agreement of the meeting Item 6 was taken out of order and addressed.



Reserve Naming Suggestions

(Document 18/1021)



The Environmental Enhancement Officer, Mr Clews spoke to the report which was seeking any naming suggestions, if any, for the soon to be acquired reserve adjoining Matariki Avenue.  If there were no suggestions he recommended that the Landmarks Advisory Group endorse the name Laurie Cooke Reserve as identified by the developer.


Ms Vincent advised that a suggestion from the Landmarks Trust for the reserve name was Tod Taylor Reserve with the reason being that the family had been orcharding in the area since 1895 and there had been three generations of Taylors on that land.


Ms Stuart confirmed that on 12 February 2014 the Landmarks Advisory Group had named a reserve in the Lyndhurst subdivision Tod Taylor Reserve.



Councillor Dixon/Councillor Lawson

A)        That the report of the Environmental Enhancement Officer titled Reserve Naming Suggestions dated 14/11/2018 be received.

B)        That Landmarks Advisory Group endorsed the name “Laurie Cooke Reserve” for new reserve to be acquired in the Lyndhurst urban development area in recognition of Mr Laurie Cook’s historical and prominent role as a Hawke’s Bay nurseryman, residing and operating in the area for approximately 60 years.

With the reasons for this decision being that the objective of the decision will contribute to meeting the current and future needs of communities for Parks and Reserves in a way that is most cost-effective for households and business by:

i)    Naming a reserve that reflects local history and recognises Mr Laurie Cooke’s contributions to horticulture in the District.




Oak Avenue Tree Management Plan

(Document 18/1077)



The Parks Landscape and Projects Officer, Mr Leslie sought feedback from the Landmarks Advisory Group on a proposed Tree Management Plan for Oak Avenue.

Mr Leslie advised that the report of the arborist had recommended the removal of 58 of the 327 trees from Oak Avenue and the planting of 20 new trees to rationalise the avenue planting and to ensure its long term health and community benefit.

The recommended tree removal and rationalised succession planting was considered the most comprehensive long term option, as it delivered immediate health benefits to Oak Avenue, and also provided a long term vision of planned succession planting, that would leave a lasting legacy for future generations.



Feedback from the meeting included:

·         Consideration be given for Oak Avenue to be extended to next intersection as a way to developing an iconic feature within Hawke’s Bay.

·         Provides an opportunity for juvenile trees to be resited and be reused to extend Oak Avenue.

·         Wood from the felled trees could be used for some sort of artistic expression and created on another site in the area using the materials.

·         Removal of trees be confined to damaged trees.

·         Speak to Chris Ryan and obtain his feedback on the trees.

·         Need to be 100% certain that the remedial work suggestion is long a term plan.

·         Have a long term tree strategy.

·         First steps to protect the tree resource for future generations.


The meeting was advised that feedback from the Landmarks Advisory Group would be included in the consultation part of the report.


Councillor Dixon/Mrs Vincent

A)        That the report of the Parks Landscape and Projects Officer titled Oak Avenue Tree Management Plan dated 14/11/2018 be received for feedback purposes.

B)        That the Landmarks Advisory Group recommend that the Arborlab Consultancy Services Risk Assessment and Management Plan for Oak Avenue be peer reviewed.










Quarterly Report

(Document 18/922)



The Parks Planning and Development Manager, Ms Stuart together with the Parks and Services Manager, Mr Hosford spoke to the report and updated the Group on current Council and community projects that have an impact on Landmarks goals.  Projects and activities included:


Railway Line Improvements – Post and wire fencing between Southampton and Eastbourne Streets was completed in September.


Karamu Road – Street Upgrade – Work has been deferred pending the preparation of the CBD Master Plan.


Playground Renewals and Upgrades - Two playgrounds (Hugh Little Park and Sunderland Drive Reserve) in Flaxmere East playgrounds were renewed over August/September 2018. 


Raureka Reserve Management Plan - The Draft Plan was adopted on 28 August 2018 for consultation purposes.  The Draft Raureka Reserves Management Plan was being advertised for public submission in early November and submissions close early 2019.  Open days on the parks first one this Sunday.


Tainui Reserve Planting – Mr Engelke spoke to the report and advised that Iona students planted about 350 native shrubs and trees in the reserve as part of the ongoing beautification of Tainui Reserve.  In the future there are plans to extend the area of planting at the reserve and Council will continue to build relationships and work alongside local schools and the Tainui Reserve Care Group.  Part of Year 12 interaction project Iona run.


Mural Project  - Mr Clews spoke to the report and advised that the following three murals that the Group had selected have now been completed:

·         “Te haaro o te kahu ki tuawhakarere” or view the future with the insight of a Hawk

·         Turangawaewae or Our place to Stand; and

·         “Crimson Flower”


The murals were on three key walls within the District and there had been overwhelming positive feedback  from the public.


Keirunga Gardens Draft Tree Management Plan – Mr Leslie spoke to report and advised that there was general support and feedback for the concept plan after the first Public consultation meeting.  As a result of the feedback Officers were working with Chris Ryan to make some amendments to the Plan.  A Group walk over of the site would be organised for those interested in the Plan.


Winter/Spring Tree and Shrub PlantingThe 2018 Winter/Spring tree and shrub planting is now complete.   193 street trees have been planted.

Cape Coast Art and Heritage Trail - Cape Coast Arts & Heritage Trust have now commenced Stage Two of their "Te Matau-a-Maui Art & Heritage Trail" project.






Councillor Lawson/Richard Coles

A)        That the report of the Parks Planning and Development Manager titled Quarterly Report dated 14/11/2018 be received.





Draft CBD Master Plan

(Document 18/923)



The Parks Planning and Development Manager, Ms Stuart updated the Group on the work on the CBD amenity and street enhancement programme which was being prepared by consultants Urbanism Plus.


Consultants have put together a number of draft concept areas following the initial workshops held with members of the Group and other key stakeholders in August.   

The consultants presented these initial concepts to Councillors, staff, developers and key stakeholders on 13/14 November and received positive feedback.


Given that a number of the Landmarks Trust were present at the afternoon workshop, and the time required to go through the concepts, Ms Stuart recommended that the presentation to the remainder of the Trust be deferred to the 5 December Landmarks Advisory Group.



Councillor Schollum/Ms Wilson

A)        That the report of the Parks Planning and Development Manager titled Draft CBD Master Plan dated 14/11/2018 be received.


B)        That Officers report back to the Landmarks Advisory Group meeting on 5 December 2018 on the CBD Master Plan and provide a full presentation.





Proposed Eastbourne Street Upgrade Plans

(Document 18/922)



The Parks Planning and Development Manager, Ms Stuart displayed powerpoint slides (CG-14-13-00047) on a proposed streetscape treatment for Eastbourne Street between Warren Street and Russell Street as part of the streetscape upgrade programme.  The plans are then proposed to be taken to Council for adoption on 6 December 2019.  

Councillor Lawson left the meeting at 4.20pm, due to a prior commitment to represent Mayor Hazlehurst.  As a result there was no longer a quorum present for the meeting.


The meeting continued on an informal basis and the report recommendations were discussed on this basis and noted as they were for information only.



Feedback from the meeting included:

·         Identified as an opportunity.

·         Ensure trees do not become an obstruction.

·         The preference of type of tree would be rata rather than Prunus.  The rata tree would also provide food for the tui.




A)        That the report of the Parks Planning and Development Manager titled “Proposed Eastbourne Street Upgrade Plans” dated 14/11/2018 be received for consultation and feedback purposes.




Draft Cornwall Park Reserve Management Plan

(Document 18/924)



The Parks Planning and Development Manager, Ms Stuart displayed a powerpoint presentation (CG-14-13-00047) providing a brief overview of the Draft Cornwall Park Reserve Management Plan and the proposed draft concept plan.


Ms Stuart advised that the Draft Cornwall Park Reserve Management Plan was to be presented to the Works and Services Committee on 20 November 2018 for adoption for consultation purposes.   If adopted for consultation the Draft Plan would be notified on 1 December 2018 with the closing deadline for submissions being 9 February 2019.


The survey process generated over 130 responses and requested the retention of all the existing facilities in the Park; with the following improvements:

·           Improved children’s playground within existing footprint

·           Retention of stream

·           Improved quality of pathways and new pathways to Rose Garden and around Sportsfield

·           New improved toilet facilities

·           Improved quality of the duck pond and stream

·           Provision of café 



Feedback from the meeting included:

·         Links to main features of significance gravel paths be retained

·         Streamwork would not compromise stone bridges

·         Wide planted area then rock wall edging to pathways - Building up and heavily riparian planting strip

·         Gates for rose garden

·         Room to have sculpture in the park

·         Entrance to the park still indicates there is a Council fernery


Ms Stuart advised that the policy in the plan was to recognise the pillars originally had gates.  In their wisdom at the time, the Parks Department in the 1970s sold the gates as there was no need to lock the gates.  Council had agreed to have replica gates fitted if the Landmarks wanted to fundraise. At that time no one was interested.


Ms Stuart advised that it was suggested in the Plan to reinstate the wrought iron gates in the pillars or have side pedestrian gates.




Discussions are being undertaken with the Playcentre.




A)        That the report of the Parks Planning and Development Manager titled “Draft Cornwall Park Reserve Management Plan” dated 14/11/2018 be received.


11.       Additional Business Items

            There were no additional business items.


12.       Extraordinary Business Items

            There were no extraordinary business items.




The meeting closed at 5.05 pm