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Hastings District Youth Council




Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


CG-14-33-00072                                                                         1

Minutes of a Meeting of the Hastings District Youth Council held on

Wednesday, 7 November 2018 at 3.45pm


Table of Contents


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1.         Apologies  1

2.         Confirmation of Minutes  1

3.         Facebook page updates  1

4.         General Business  1

5.         Youth Council Update  2



CG-14-33-00072                                                                         1




MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE Hastings District Youth Council

HELD IN THE Landmarks Room, Ground Floor, Civic Administration Building, Lyndon Road East, Hastings ON

Wednesday, 7 November 2018 AT 3.45pm



Present:                          Chair: Ella Hoogerbrug, (Havelock North)

                                               Councillor Dixon

Pelerose Vaima’a, Kate Allen, Caroline Jones, Hena Dugh and Emilee Scarborough (HGHS); Cameron Young (Deputy Chair), Hope McCleland (Karamu High); Gurjas Sekhon (St Johns College); Connor Molloy (Napier Boys); Charlotte Frogley (Woodford); Samantha Anderson (Sacred Heart); and Max Sharp (EIT).



IN ATTENDANCE:             Youth Coordinator (Angela Hughes)

                                               Team Leader Youth Development (Paddy Steffert)

                       Committee Secretary (Christine Hilton)


ALSO PRESENT:               Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst



1.         Apologies   



Max Sharp/Kate Allen

That apologies for absence from Rytasha Sekhon (HGHS), Cairo Smith (St Johns College), Matekairoa Butler (Flaxmere College), Oscar Malpas (HBHS); Xinyi Chen (Iona), Abigail Masengi (Karamu High) and Eleanor Matich be accepted.




2.         Confirmation of Minutes


Hena Dugh/Charlotte Frogley

That the minutes of the Hastings Youth Council Meeting held Wednesday 5 September 2018 be confirmed as a true and correct record and be adopted.




3.         Facebook page updates


            This item was not addressed.


4.         General Business


            This item was not addressed.



Youth Council Update


(Document 18/1089)

This last meeting of the year took the form of a planning, brainstorming and reflection session – with Youth Council members being asked to comment on issues including the format of the Youth Council going forward, such as frequency of meetings and the approach for the coming year – including the suggestion of having a Youth Week in May each year.


Mayor Hazlehurst presented Mayoral reference letters and a small gift to each of the Youth Council members and wished them well for their upcoming exams and for the future.  Both the Mayor and Councillor Dixon acknowledged the energy and vision of the members and the work they had undertaken during the year, together with the contribution they had made to giving a voice to young people in the district.



Ella Hoogerbrug/Cameron Young

            That the report of the Youth Co-ordinator tilted “Youth Council Update” dated 7 November 2018 be received.






The meeting closed at 5.00pm












Acting Chief Executive      

(Neil Taylor)                          _________________________