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HB Crematorium Committee MEETING




Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 5 December 2018




HB Crematorium

Orchard Road



Council Members

Chair: Councillor Dixon (HDC)

Councillor Watkins (HDC)

Councillors McGrath and Taylor (NCC)

Councillor Tennent (Deputy Chair) (Central HB District Council)

Officer Responsible

Group Manager: Community Facilities and Programmes – Mrs Alison Banks

Quorum 3 members

Committee Secretary

Mrs Carolyn Hunt (Ext 5634)


Hawke’s Bay Crematorium Committee – Terms of Reference


The Hawke’s Bay Crematorium Committee established by Order in Council 9 June 1989 as part of The Local Government (Hawke’s Bay Region) Reorganisation Order 1989.


1)     The Hastings District Council shall establish and maintain a committee to be called the Hawke’s Bay Crematorium Committee.


2)     The membership of the Committee shall consist of:

(a)   Two members to be appointed by the Napier City Council; and

(b)   Two members to be appointed by the Hastings District Council; and

(c)   One member to be appointed by the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council.


3)     The Hastings District Council shall delegate to the Hawke’s Bay Crematorium Committee such functions, duties and powers in respect of the supervision and operation of the Hawke’s Bay Crematorium as the Council considers appropriate.




Chairperson appointed by the Committee

5 members appointed in accordance with the Reorganisation Order


Quorum – 3 members




Authority to develop policies and provide operational and financial oversight of the Hawke’s Bay Crematorium.





HB Crematorium Committee MEETING


Wednesday, 5 December 2018



HB Crematorium

Orchard Road










1.         Apologies

At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.

At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.

2.         Conflict of Interest

Members need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arises between their role as a Member of the Council and any private or other external interest they might have.  This note is provided as a reminder to Members to scan the agenda and assess their own private interests and identify where they may have a pecuniary or other conflict of interest, or where there may be perceptions of conflict of interest. 

If a Member feels they do have a conflict of interest, they should publicly declare that at the start of the relevant item of business and withdraw from participating in the meeting.  If a Member thinks they may have a conflict of interest, they can seek advice from the General Counsel or the Democratic Support Manager (preferably before the meeting). 

It is noted that while Members can seek advice and discuss these matters, the final decision as to whether a conflict exists rests with the member.

3.         Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes of the HB Crematorium Committee Meeting held Monday 10 April 2017.

(Previously circulated)

4.         Hawke's Bay Crematorium Committee Update - December 2018                  5

5.         Additional Business Items

6.         Extraordinary Business Items 




File Ref: 18/1068



REPORT TO:               HB Crematorium Committee

MEETING DATE:        Wednesday 5 December 2018

FROM:                           Cemetery Manager

Isak Bester

SUBJECT:                    Hawke's Bay Crematorium Committee Update - December 2018        



1.0       SUMMARY

1.1       The purpose of this report is to provide an update to the Crematorium Committee regarding the operations and service delivery of the Hawke’s Bay Crematorium.


1.2       The Council is required to give effect to the purpose of local government as prescribed by Section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002. That purpose is to meet the current and future needs of communities for good quality local infrastructure, local public services, and performance of regulatory functions in a way that is most cost–effective for households and businesses. Good quality means infrastructure, services and performance that are efficient and effective and appropriate to present and anticipated future circumstances.


1.3       This report concludes by recommending that the report from the Cemeteries & Crematorium Manager be received.


2.1       Providing cremation services and facilities to the community to celebrate the lives of loved ones and where they can lay them to rest in a well maintained and peaceful setting.

2.2       Maintaining facilities, cemeteries, equipment and keeping records as required.

2.3       Continuously investigating more effective and environmentally friendly ways of dealing with cremations and interments.


3.0       BACKGROUND


3.1       Crematorium building:


3.1.1   Due to earthquake strengthening costs, the old Crematorium and Chapel built during 1944 was demolished during 2017 and a new facility was built on basically the same footprint.  See photographs on next page.




3.1.2   The new Hawkes Bay Crematorium and Chapel was officially opened by the Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst, on 9 July 2018.


3.1.3   The new layout of the crematorium and chapel helps a great deal towards improving service delivery to our customers.  The distance the cremator is positioned away from the chapel as well as the better sound insulation allows the cremator to be loaded while services are taking place, which was not feasible in the old building.  The chapel seat a 130 people, up from 80 in the previous chapel.


3.2       Cremator/Cremations:


3.2.1   For the period 1 October 2017 - 30 September 2018 the facility dealt with a total of 744 cremations.  The table below shows the breakdown of cremations from the different areas in Hawke’s Bay plus Gisborne.




Central Hawke’s Bay









3.2.2   The gas regulator supplying the cremator was upgraded during September 2018 to increase the gas pressure.


3.2.3   The discharge to air tests for the cremator, as required by the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council consent conditions, was done in September 2018 and regarding the pm10 particulate matter test, we failed to adhere to the consent condition.  The test report was sent to the HBRC and we are awaiting their response.


3.2.4   The test scientist, Matthew Newby, from Source Testing NZ is visiting the crematorium on the 23rd of November 2018.  Matthew will be working with Council staff and Matthews International to see if we can alter the combustion settings for the cremator to try and sort out the pm10 particulate emissions and bring it within the required range as per the HBRC consent conditions. If the cremator combustion settings cannot be changed to allow pm10 to fall within consent range, installing filter systems or buying a new cremator need to be investigated.


3.2.5   The cremator refractory is due for replacement soon.  The floor needs replacing every 3 years with an approximate cost of $30,000.  The roof needs replacing every 4 years with an approximate cost of $45,000. The floor will be done this financial year and has been budgeted for.


3.2.6   The Hawke’s Bay Crematorium is the only Council owned facility for the whole Hawke’s Bay region. Beth Shan Funeral Services operates the only other cremator in Hastings but they are a privately owned facility.


3.2.7   The current HBRC consent allows for 1000 cremations per year.  Moving forward in regards to providing cremation services, the committee needs to take into consideration that the current cremator won’t be able to cope with numbers due to the time it takes to complete a cremation and the hours of operation allowed for by consent conditions. Long term planning needs to consider replacing the existing cremator with a faster unit or installing a second unit that can help with demand and also act as backup when one is out of use due to maintenance and/or breakdown.  The cost of a new cremator varies between $320,000 to $600,000.


3.2.8   Cremation metals are now recycled through Specialty Metals from Christchurch as an environmentally friendly alternative to burying it on site.


3.3       General:


3.3.1   A total of 50 chapel services took place in the first 3 months after the opening of the new facility on the 9th of July 2018. Feedback around the new chapel has been very positive.


3.3.2   Cremation plot and columbarium niche space numbers are limited at the moment and not a lot of space is available to create more within the existing cemeteries. Approximately 40 new ash plots will be created at Hastings cemetery to ease the pressure until the new development at Mangaroa Cemetery is operational.


3.3.3   A project around the sourcing of a new cemetery management system was established earlier this year and a request to tender will be ready during the first quarter of 2019. The new system will replace the currently used access database which is no longer adequate to deal with modern requirements.  The system is on target to be implemented by October 2019.  The project might end up over the budgeted amount.




A)        That the report of the Cemetery Manager titled Hawke's Bay Crematorium Committee Update - December 2018 dated 5/12/2018 be received.



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