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Landmarks Advisory Group MEETING



Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 5 December 2018




Landmarks Room

Ground Floor

Civic Administration Building

Lyndon Road East



Group Members

Chair: Councillor Schollum

Ex Officio: Mayor Hazlehurst

Councillors Dixon, Lawson, O’Keefe and Travers

Mrs Ruth Vincent (Acting President, Landmarks Trust)

3 Landmarks Trust Executive Members

(Quorum=5 including 3 Councillors)


Landmarks Trust Executive Members

Joyce Barry, Barbara Brookfield, John Davidson, Jane Fitzgerald, Kathryn Ingram, Diana McCormack, Robin Middlebrook, Margot Wilson, Katie Baptiste and Mr Richard Coles


Officer Responsible

Parks and Property Services Manager, Colin Hosford


Carolyn Hunt (Extn 5634)


Landmarks Advisory Group – Terms of Reference

Fields of Activity

The Landmarks Advisory Group is established to advise the Council on planning the implementation of the Landmarks Developments.


Membership (9 Members)

Chairman appointed by Council

4 other Councillor

The Landmarks Trust Chair

3 others nominated by the Landmarks Trust


Quorum – 5 members including not less than three Councillor members.


Delegated Powers

1.   To make recommendations to Council on Landmarks design elements in Council initiated projects.

2.   To approve public art projects that are budgeted for.

3.   To approve grants from the Abbott Bequest.

4.   To make recommendations to the Council on Landmarks projects for inclusion in the Long Term Plan.

5.   To monitor the Landmarks Development Plan and the Hastings CBD Strategy and its programme delivery and effectiveness.






Landmarks Advisory Group MEETING


Wednesday, 5 December 2018



Landmarks Room

Ground Floor

Civic Administration Building

Lyndon Road East










1.         Apologies

Apologies from Councillor Travers and Councillor O'Keefe have been received.

At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.

2.         Conflict of Interest

Members need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arises between their role as a Member of the Council and any private or other external interest they might have. 

3.         Consideration of General Business Items

4.         Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes of the Landmarks Advisory Group held Wednesday 14 November 2018.

(Previously circulated)

5.         Proposed CBD Activation and Enhancement Areas                                         5




File Ref: 18/1189



REPORT TO:               Landmarks Advisory Group

MEETING DATE:        Wednesday 5 December 2018

FROM:                           Parks Planning and Development Manager

Rachel Stuart

Parks and Property Services Manager

Colin Hosford

SUBJECT:                    Proposed CBD Activation and Enhancement Areas        



1.0       SUMMARY

1.1      The purpose of this report is to update the Group on the work being prepared by Urbanism Plus relating to the activation and enhancement of open spaces within the CBD, as recommended in the 2013 City Centre Strategy and 2018-28 Long Term Plan.      

2.0       BACKGROUND

2.1       The Hastings City Strategy was adopted in 2013 following extensive community consultation with a vision that ‘in 2033, the Hastings City Centre will be a growing, vibrant and fun place that recognises and embraces its wider landscape, productive hinterland, creativity and cultural diversity – it will be the heart of Hawke’s Bay’.    The Strategy provides a holistic and co-ordinated view to guide the long-term development, and provides a visionary and pragmatic direction for the CBD, allowing scope for innovation, while remaining flexible to ensure it is grounded and achievable.

2.2       The Strategy is based on the following five interrelated goals, each delivering multiple outcomes:

·     Strengthen our City Centre Identity

·     Create quality open spaces and connections

·     Integrate and concentrate activity in the City Centre

·     Using precincts to provide opportunities

·     Reinforce and contain our City Centre Urban form

2.3       In order to progress the delivery of the creation of quality open spaces and connections, Council recently consulted with the community over the 2018-28 Long Term Plan for the District. One of the key issues was the proposed investment of $4.5 million into a vibrant and people focused city centre.  

2.4       A number of positive submissions were received, including from the Landmarks Trust, who supported this investment and the proposed vision for three key areas: (1) CBD Mall; (2) East Block Hospitality Precinct; and (3) Civic Square.

2.5       Two submissions were however received that questioned the level of investment without full reconsideration of vehicle movements within the CBD, in particular over the railway line and through the mall.

2.6       Back in 2013 the community’s appetite to reintroduce traffic through the mall was low, as was any proposal that would result in the removal of the water feature.  However given the submissions received, it was considered timely to review this issue prior to significant investment.  

2.7       Council engaged Urbanism Plus to undertake this review and consider the opportunities and benefits of such reintroduction, against the loss of associated greenspace.  In addition, consideration was to be given to possible new public open spaces, linkages through to Civic Square and Opera House Precinct; laneway linkages and other street enhancements.

2.8       A number of workshops were held with staff, key stakeholders and interested parties and Councillors in August, and again in November which were attended by members of the Landmarks Trust.    


3.1       Urbanism Plus presented initial recommendations to Councillors and stakeholder groups on 14 November for feedback, related to 17 proposed ‘activation’ areas within the CBD   These areas are included in Attachment 1.   These workshops were well attended, with diverse and positive feedback received as to how members of the community wish to see the CBD develop.

3.2       The Landmarks Trust held a forum on 28 November and were presented with a background to the project for the benefit of those who had not been involved with the production of the 2013 City Centre Strategy, nor could attend the earlier workshops; and also to clarify the scope of the Urbanism Plus work.  An outline of the meeting is included in Attachment 2, along with 5 recommendations from the Landmarks Trust related to the CBD.  These followed the forum where a number of ideas and aspirations as to the future of the CBD were discussed.

3.3       Further information on the 17 proposed activation and enhancement areas will be presented to the Group at this meeting, for further discussion and formal recommendations.



A)        That the report of the Parks Planning and Development Manager titled Proposed CBD Activation and Enhancement Areas dated 5/12/2018 be received.


B)        That the Group make recommendations in accordance with the outcomes of the Landmarks Trust forum included in Attachment 1, subject to any requested amendments following the presentation.





Landmarks Trust CBD Forum Minutes




Proposed CBD Activation and Enhancement Areas






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Proposed CBD Activation and Enhancement Areas

Attachment 2


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