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Hastings District Youth Council MEETING


Informal meeting


Meeting Date:

Wednesday, 11 December 2019




Landmarks Room

Ground Floor

Civic Administration Building

Lyndon Road East




Committee Members


Chair: Kate Allen (HGHS)

Pelerose Vaima’a, Kathleen Steffert and Eva Harper (HGHS); Ondre Hapuku-Lambert, Sophie Jones (Media Engagement) and Boston Wynyard (Karamu High); Gurjas Sekhon and Louis Gaffaney (St Johns College); Oscar Malpas (HBHS); Daisy Hill (Iona); Ashleigh Keenan (Sacred Heart); Charliot Miller (Deputy Chair) (HNHS); Janicka Tei (Taradale High) and James McPhail (Media Engagement) (Lindisfarne College)  (Quorum = 8 members)

Officer Responsible

Social and Youth Development Manager, Dennise Elers

Democracy and Governance Advisor:

Christine Hilton (Extn 5633)


Hastings District Youth Council – Terms of Reference 2019


The purpose of the Hastings District Youth Council (Youth Council)


The Hastings District Council recognises the positive contribution young people make to a strong, diverse, resilient and inclusive community. The Hastings District Youth Council is a vehicle in which young people can be actively engaged in local government planning and decision making relating to their city.


The Youth Council is responsible for creating dynamic engagement opportunities for young people to participate in, be heard and be involved in community activities and government decisions.


The Youth Council’s objective is to canvas youth opinions on a range of topics, to then advocate and implement changes on behalf of the young people in Hastings.




The Youth Council is made up of 15 young people who live, work, and/or attend school in the Hastings District.  Members can be aged between 15 and 21 years of age.


Youth Council membership is for a period of one year running from February to December. Applications can be made to the Youth Development Coordinator to continue as a Youth Council member for consecutive years.


Recruitment and Selection of Youth Council Members


Recruitment for Youth Council members runs January- February each year through local high schools, youth services and community groups, the Hastings District Council website and various social media accounts.


All applications must be submitted via the Hastings District Council’s website. A shortlist of candidates is created, with those applicants asked to attend a 10 minute interview. The selection panel is made up of HDC Youth Development Staff, a Councillor, and a young person under the age of 25.


Commitments of Youth Council members


Youth Council members are required to

-            Attend a Youth Council Training and Planning event, held at the beginning of the year. (After the Council members have been selected)

-            Elect members to take on leadership positions such as (but not limited to) the Chair and Deputy Chairperson of the Youth Council for that year.

-            Contribute to the Youth Council Annual Plan – that details the focus of the group and their activities for the year.

-            Attend all official Youth Council meetings – held the first Wednesday of the month at Hastings District Council’s main offices.

-            Submit formal reports detailing their actions as a Youth Council member each month at the official Youth Council meetings.

-            Attend informal meetings throughout the year to work on upcoming projects – Members will be given no less than 2 weeks’ notice of informal meetings.

-            Attend Hastings District Council meetings for presentations as and when required – Members will be given no less than 4 weeks’ notice of these presentations.

-            Attend and support all youth, community and Council events determined in the Annual Plan and by the Youth Council as a whole.


Official Youth Council meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Hastings District Council, from 3.45 to 5.30pm.


Meetings will continue as scheduled if they fall in the school holidays. It is expected that members will attend these meetings unless they tender their apologies.


Informal meetings will be scheduled when required, depending on work load and upcoming projects.


The Youth Development Coordinator and a Hastings Councillor (Malcolm Dixon), will attend all official Youth Council meetings.


Youth Council Roles and Responsibilities



-            The Chairperson chairs each meeting and ensures everyone contributes to the discussion and that the views of young people from the whole District are considered when decisions need to be made.

-            Keeps meetings, projects, planning and submission processes on track.

-            Delegate’s responsibilities to members, follows up and ensure the work gets done.

-            Acts as the contact person for the Youth Council for the public, the media, and Council.

-            Represents the Youth Council at public forums as required.

-            Works with elected Youth Council members to manage the official Youth Council social media accounts.

-            Takes action if members repeatedly do not attend meetings or deliver on actions they say they will undertake.

Deputy Chairperson:

-            Works closely with, and provides support to the Chairperson.

-            Will take over the Chair’s responsibilities for running the meetings as required.

-            Will represent the Youth Council at public forums as required.

-            Works with elected Youth Council members to manage the official Youth Council social media accounts.

Social Media Team Responsibilities:

-            Works closely with each other, the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson to actively drive traffic to the official Hastings Youth Council social media accounts.

-            All posts are to be deemed appropriate under the official Youth Council Social Media Guidelines.

-            To answer all comments and questions made on social media accounts in a timely and appropriate manner.

-            To report anything of a concerning nature to the Youth Development Coordinator immediately.

-            To promote the Youth Council activities, and activities/events and campaigns endorsed by Youth Council.

-            Submit a monthly report detailing engagement


Youth Council members’ Responsibilities:

-            Attend meetings appropriately prepared, including submitting their official monthly report of engagements and activities as a Youth Council member.

-            Actively consult with your schools, community groups, and young people to find out what they need, want or are concerned about and bring this information to the Youth Council meetings.

-            Support and promote Youth Council activities, events and campaigns and those endorsed by Youth Council.

-            Participate in training opportunities as they arise.

-            To take up leadership and teamwork opportunities to ensure Youth Council activities, events and campaigns are delivered successfully and to determined deadlines.

Meeting Process:

Formal meetings are used for:

-            Planning and scheduling Youth Council projects

-            Discussing issues that are affecting young people in the Hastings Community

-            Presentations and consultancy from external parties

-            Decision making about Youth Council participation and endorsement of community activities

-            Decision making about Youth Council events or projects.

Decision making:

Decision making will follow Council’s basic Standard Order process

-            Someone will need to move (propose) a decision;

-            Someone will second the proposal, then;

-            All members will vote on the decision. If the Majority of members agree with the decision it is then carried (confirmed) and recorded.

-                 If members cannot agree on a decision, the Chairperson OR Council representative will have the say.


A minimum of half of the Youth Council members must attend the meeting for it to proceed, 8 people make a quorum.


Agendas and minutes

A final agenda (approved by the chairperson) is to be sent out to all members and Council representatives at least two working days prior to the meeting


Official agendas and minutes will be produced by the Hastings Council’s Democratic support team. Agendas and any attachments will be emailed to members a week before meetings. Minutes will be emailed to members no more than a week after official meetings.



If a member is unable to attend an official Youth Council meeting they must tender their apologies to the Chairperson or the Youth Development Coordinator no later than a week before the meeting.


It is expected the member will still submit their monthly report, detailing their activities related to Youth Council.


Missing more than 2 official meetings in a row without tendering apologies will result in the member forfeiting their place on the Youth Council.




Hastings District Youth Council MEETING


Wednesday, 11 December 2019



Landmarks Room

Ground Floor

Civic Administration Building

Lyndon Road East










1.         Apologies

At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.

At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received. 

2.         Confirmation of Minutes

There were no previous minutes to confirm.

3.         Recap of Year - for 2019 Youth Council                                                                7




File Ref: 19/1256



REPORT TO:               Hastings District Youth Council

MEETING DATE:        Wednesday 11 December 2019                                           

FROM:                           Social & Youth Development Manager

Dennise Elers

SUBJECT:                    Recap of year - for 2019 Youth Council         





1.1       This meeting will take the form of an informal session and each member will be asked to present a verbal or written report to highlight the main activities of the 2019 Youth Council year.

1.2       Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst will attend this meeting to acknowledge the work that the Youth Council members have undertaken during the year.

1.3       A light afternoon tea will be available after the meeting.

1.4       Please note that this meeting will be held in the Landmarks Room.

1.5       Kate Allen, Chair of the Youth Council, will attend the Council meeting on 10 December 2019 to outline the achievements of the Youth Council over this past year.




There are no recommendations as this will be an informal meeting.




There are no attachments for this report.